Is anyone here like me: don't have a job, waiting for the

result and having nothing to do? any sugestions about how to use my time effectively? thinking of go out to look for jobs, but with these financial slumps, I don’t think i have a chance since i don’t have any relative experience

play golf. drink. watch tv. is this really that complicated?

travel, join a gym, take up a language, read, start a prostitution ring.

write the GMAT

yea… gmat. next on my list.

i don’t have anyone to hang out with most of the time!

Get one of those mail order brides from Russia

eh? i don’t think finding people to hang out with was on any of the lists… you really need to find a job.

right, I think most of us lost some connections while we were studying my b**t off for the last few months…

Are you a fresh college grad? What were you doing before ?

worked for a real estate company before I decided to take CFA a year ago

waiting for the results, doing some promo work and enrolling into a masters program for the fall… :slight_smile: maybe start for the FRM soon…

2008GL Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > worked for a real estate company before I decided > to take CFA a year ago so did you leave your job for CFA prep?

2008, u haven’t been working for how long?

almost 1 year, cfa is not yhe only reason i left my former job though.

Get on your grind, With a year off you can say you’ve been travelling, etc, but if you leave it too much longer it’s going to look bad in my opinion.

you left a job to study for the cfa. That’s not a wise move man. It’s better to work and study. 2008, where are you from?

Get married, have a kid, buy a $2mm fixer-upper, and THEN lose your job. You’ll find you soon have plenty to do – I’ll probably have to remind myself to even look for the results.

Keep up the good work plyon!

start out your accounting designation…I just found out that they will transfer so many courses from my MBA so why not just start the CGA while I wait for a better job… no more admin jobs for me!!!