Is anyone memorizing formulas right now?

If so, what is your strategy?

If not, when do you plan to memorize them?

I use Schweser Qbank to do the calculation. It is easier to remember the formula by actually using it :slight_smile:

If you’re not memorizing the formuae now, you should at least be trying hard to understand the formulae; that way, when you set about memorizing them, it’ll be that much easier.

Yeah when do people think we should be memorising formulas? I feel like i can apply the formulas, i just can’t memorise them all…

I think it is important to memorise all the formulas at some point (and of course understand them)

It is a pain in the arse but that is what I did for level one. By the end of this month I will try and have memorized most of the important ones

Elan provides free formula list so its easy to add whatever you feel is missing and use those.

I try to read them atleast once a day. If you understand the formulas and keep looking at them often then memorising wont be an issue as there will be only few formulas that you will need to actually spend time memorising.

You could just glance at them right before bed or maybe when commuting to work or when your tired and cant study.

some formulas you just konw… some you need to memorize… for example, some formulas in derivatives need to be memorized… or you need to practice a lot more problems to retain them.

Everyone once in awhile i’ll go on a rant to my wife about the meaning of several formulas and how I can apply them. I.e Starting with Covarance and somehow ending up at serial correlation.

She found it funny at first but her annoyance escalated quickly.

Targetting May 2nd for memorizing all the formulas on my ‘Formula Sheets 1 and 2’. The most non-intuitive formulas seem to be in Portfolio Management and have been my problems areas so far in mock exams.

Sounds goood! I am practicing questions now but am looking up the formula to use.

“You forget what you memorize,you remember what you understand.Formulas are to be understood,not mugged up.”

I am!! My plan to memorize them is to do a lot of exercises.

I first did the EOC questions, after reading once the Schwser notes & the curriculum. Now I am doing a lot of questions from the Kaplan Qbank, and I feel its working well for me, I plan to do a Mock Exam at the beginning of May so then I can focus on my weakest areas, because the qbank questions are far easier than the EOC questions ( I think theyre for different things, hehe)

Be calm, just practice and that will give you the best results,



I agree that understanding the formula IS better than memorizing. However, I am not able to understand all formulas, so I made my own formula sheet, one for each of the 10 subjects. Then one by one…

I made my own notecards as I went through the schweser notes. I’m in cram-mode now, watching archived Schweser videos from the weekly course that Andy Holmes teaches, tons of Q-bank (merely for practice), going back through CFAI EOCs and the CFAI practice assessments, and reading secret sauce.

Many may disagree with me on this, but I feel q-bank is an excellent practice tool - i know they don’t provide as many item-set format questions as you can get through the EOCs and online practice assessments, but I feel I have plenty of practice with/exposure to vignette/item set style questions through the EOCs, practice assessments, and mock exams. Q-bank is merely a way to re-learn/understand formulae and concepts for me. To each, their own.

Try to understand the formulas and see if you can build the formulas yourself thru reasoning. If not, just keep writing the formulas on a piece of paper multiple times until you get it.

And every wk, spend 1~2 hours writing down all formulas (You may skip the ones you absolutely know by heart or the ones you know thru practice like forward formulas) on a piece of paper and glance thru it for a good 10 mins after you wrote them down.

starting to memorize now…

which do you find to be the most NON intuitive formula? I am finding anything from the credit analysis portion is like reading another language.

If I’m not mistaken, I dont think you need to memorize the credit analysis formulas as no where in LOS requires you to “calculate” anything.

Memorize the formulas in the last 10-15 days before the exam. But have them listed on a formula sheet (or use one provided by the prep material providers) and understand them. Start viewing the formula sheet everyday for like 30 or so minutes. If I memorize them now, I’ll probably forget them by the end of this month.

Well, how you can solve a problem, if you dont memorize formulas. I think to solve mocks you must memorize all formulas and concepts. I think the key is to 1) memorize formulas of one subject 2) solve all BBs 3) solve all EOC and then part of mock, and then move on to second subject. Icrease the study and comprehension speed, should take less time to memorize 2nd time and even lesses time later on. You feel you revise all formulas in a day or two. Should be like that?!!!