Is anyone panicking?

Or I am the only one…

I am panicking for sure,

I finally fell alseep at 3am this morning, so yep!

That’s hilarious — Not that you’re panicking but I was wondering the same thing of others —> if they were panicking.

I’m not — Whatever happens happens. Think I’ll pass but do wish I had another week.

Go for a bike ride or something. Sometimes you just need to step away.

yeah the panic has set in.

who else feels like they forgot everything?

i studied too damn long and too damn hard to not be able to remember stuff at this point.

i love the cfa exam.

For sure I am panicking. I would be worried otherwise. A little stress works like magic for me.

I’m enjoying the panic set into the candidate crowd.

calcuator panic so i bought new battery.

still calculator panic so ordered a second calcultor.

the new calculator wouldn’t switch on, finally fixed it by bending the battery contacts a bit (made in china sigh).

still panicking.

I can see myself with a new digital watch before friday (I’ve got 2 analogs).

Definitely starting to panic now, feel like gona go blank on paper.

dont worry im sure you will all pass

Stop panicking everyone! It’s only an exam, and not even a particularly difficult one.

^hahaha not a particularly difficult one? sharpen your pitchforks guys, down with the blasphemer!

lol, that guy’s first post

it sounds like he dropped the F BOMB … right in front of the spouse’s parent !!!

i feel like repeating captain jack sparrow here

“shoot this man!!.. Cut his tongue!!!.. shoot this man and Cut his tongue and then shoot the tongue!!!”… hahahahah

I have been pretty stressed but this thread made my day!! Haha

If you’re still stressing they’ve launched this for those who find CFA too much!