Is anyone reading the CFAI material or is it just me?

Is anyone reading the CFAI material or is it just me?

yep i am and its a long slog… hang in there though!

Yep, I figure it is what I paid for and they are the ones writing the test.

im doing it from CFAI books

ummm… lol what?

Everyone that plans on passing should do the required reading. I’ve never seen what kaplan and such are like but there is no way that reading “summaries” is anything close to the actual material.

There’s also no guarantee that anything on the study guides is correct or will be on the test.

I am too

I’m not reading most of the CFAI materials due to time constraints (five kids, job), but here’s what I am doing:

  1. Schweser video, with some Elans videos for extra help

  2. Do all the blue boxes and chapter Q’s in Schweser Notes, plus the LOS review and Q’s on the Schweser Q Bank, although I feel ripped off by this product because the question quality is lacking big-time

  3. Do all the blue boxes and chapter Q’s in CFAI

  4. Repeat for retention

If I’m having trouble with a section, I go back and actually read the section in both Schweser, then CFAI, then repeat Q’s. If the section is largely qualitative (i.e. Hedge Fund Survey), then you’re stuck reading it because you’ll bomb the questions.

This cuts out a lot of the A to Z reading, which I can’t retain anyway because it bores me to the point of forgetfulness.

Hope this helps (and I hope it works!)

I read Schweser but do the examples and questions in CFAI, and if I’m having trouble with a section I’ll read through CFAI. I agree that a summary won’t catch everything, but there is only so much time…I would definitely fail if I stuck purely to the CFAI text because its so slow. We’ll see if this strategy works in June.

Same thing, I like to refer to the curriculum a lot, esp. because when I do the blue boxes, I realize that Schweser misses some points or lacks details. Plus, I believe the curriculum does an excellent job explaining things, not to mention that the examples they give are great ways to retain the material better.

The only drawback obviously is the length, but if you have time, I think it’s definitelty worth it taking a look at it!

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I started with Schweser in FRA, then moved to CF and went in order from there and circled back around to hit QM and Econ. Halfway through CF I tried reading CFAI and attacking EOC’s and Schweser’s Concept Checkers and found that I destroyed the Schweser questions when I read the CFAI. Continued this for several other readings and concluded that CFAI was the way to go. I haven’t turned back since. Schweser is nice as a quick review - kind of like cliffnotes.

Reading takes significantly longer now, though.

Me doing CFA book+ arif videos . Doing cfa book examples and eoq. Making own notes also

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