is Arif Irfanullah video in GIPS good?


Have ti start with GIPS today. Just saw a free videos on GIPS by Arif irfanullah on his website on GIPS

Has anybody seen it? is it worth it? They are 3 hrs long?

Reading one of his student reviews, “When you’re in a time cruch, Arif is simply the best!”

if stuck for time on GIPS, I’d focus on knowing the CFAI Summary and do the questions. I’m hoping this willl allow 4/6 questions right.

I agree with CleverCFA. Just do EOC after reading summary. Then pray what you read comes in the exam, pray harder you remember it :slight_smile:

GIPS is 10% weightage max, unless it comes out on the AM part where most if not all will get screwed, i will say memorizing GIPS is the least of ur worries…

is there still ethics adjustment on L3?

its 5%

Im not a fan of Arif

my bad then hahaha

I think Arif does a reasonable good job, but I find that practice exams and questions are on such a detailed level that Arif hasn’t been able to cover enough to have the answer to all those damn asperger questions. I do agree with his comment in the video though, don’t focus on remembering all dates, its a waste of brain space, if CFA tests us it will hopefully not focus on which date a new set of rules started to take place.