Is becoming a developer/ programmer a good idea for MBA graduates?

Hi, i’m currently a management student and planning to get an MBA. But I’m also planning on attending a course with a job guarantee / connecting programs.

My university classes are only on Saturdays, so I’m planning to work full-time so that by the time i graduate i’d have at least two years of relevant working experience and able to pay for the MBA degree.

My plan was to attend a coding course and my ultimate goal is to be a C-level officer at a tech company.

So i was imagining my career to go like:
Junior engineer → senior engineer → project manager / lead engineer → technical director → development manager → CTO → CEO

Of course this is just a dream, but a dream I’m willing to chase after. And to do that, i need to be in the right direction. I guess my question is; is coding course + management bachelor + MBA a good combination?

Little tip for the future, when seeking advice, have a think about who is providing it. This is a finance forum specifically for CFA candidates. What makes you think anyone has a worthwhile opinion about efficiently progressing through a tech career?
Might be more worthwhile reaching out to tech CTOs via LinkedIn and asking for peals of wisdom.

But in short, yes, combo sounds great :ok_hand:

Good luck with the journey :call_me_hand:

Here you’re more likely to get peals of laughter.

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It could only have been the tech, dang autocorrect :smirk:

CTO is an ambitious one right enough, the optimist in me would say it’s simply a numbers game but you could definitely improve your probability of a response by engaging with some lower ranking tech-ficials