Is beer really good for health??

The above mentioned article ranks 10 best benefits of drinking beer.

Numbers 4, 7, and 10 are either incorrect, misleading, or not applicable.

Plus they left out some other great benefits - makes the opposite sex more attractive, makes people mistake me for the spawn of Chris Brown and Michael Jackson on the dance floor…

Aside from the empty calories, beer is healthy for you in moderate doses.

Everything is healthy for you in moderate doses.

I like how “Guinness has less calories than orange juice”.

I don’t ever remember drinking 18 bottles of orange juice in one night, though…

^ You drank 18 bottles of Guinness Stout in one night?

Untrue. Most (but not all) things can be minimally harmful in moderate doses.

If it ain’t, it oughtta be.

Healthy beer tastes like ass. I had this wheat free barley substitute piece of crap beer at some hipster restaurant for a friends birthday and I have never tasted something so vile.

Number 5 is definitely right. I gave up alcohol for 6 months, didn’t miss it that much but i realised after i had my first beer that nothing helps me relax like a beer. also realised that beer doesn’t taste good at all if you aren’t used to it.

18 pints of guiness in one night would be impressive.


today i had a very bad day in my college…i fucked up my presentation…i was humiliated in front of my class…as a result i drank a lot today…

I thought wine’s better for you… in moderation.

like cyanide.

CFAL2 in less than 3 weeks.

Cannot afford a hangover.

I strongly believe that the health benefits of alcohol lie in the relaxation/stress reducing effects. Conversely, I think forcing disgusting things like wheatgrass juice down your throat causes stress and unhappiness which actually negates the supposed benefits.

^ There are healthier ways to relax than to pound back a six pack.

Exercise is one of them. But that would require people to get off their a$$.

Yes, but why must it be either/or?

Anyone else enjoy having a beer while studying?