Is better to withdraw or just take the exam anyways

hey Guys, I dont think I am well prepared enough to take the LEvel 1 this Decemeber. Is it adivisable that I withdraw from the Exam or just take it anyways. I’m going to try it for June 08. Wasnt sure if it goes on your record when you have failed a Level. thanks

If you think you are not that prepared, then best not to take it. but on the other hand you could be doing yourself a great favor for the next time(2008), as you’ll get the first hand experience (baptism by fire), you wont otherwise get if you stayed at home.

i dont think it matters how many times you take it. i think you should take it coz u have already paid for it and this late in the game it will be good experience.

Thats a good point , but is there a harm if i fail on the first attempt and pass on the second? DOes it go on your record? Bummer me, i just procastinated forever :frowning:

Nor harm except the ego. Take it. Learn from it.

oh trust me , the CFA syllabus has taken care of my EGO!!!

pony there is no harm to take it more than once. if you go it will be good practice for next time there is a chance you will pass you fellows will thank you because you’ll help at the pass rate good luck :slight_smile: