Is Bloomberg Exam Prep any good for level 2: recent experience/reviews please!

Is Bloomberg Exam Prep any good for level 2? – Has anyone actually used it and passed in the last 18 months?

I signed up to MM and intend to use CFAI topic questions, EOC questions, and mocks. I passed level 1 five years ago and decided to do the CAIA in the interim, so a bit rusty on a number of concepts.

I’ve just started my revision and as per MM, went straight into Quant Methods (never my strongest suit). I love the MM videos, but was really struggling with one concept. I had almost written Bloomberg off, but re-did that reading using Bloomberg’s free trial and felt the micro lessons helped me understand the topic.

There are loads of “affiliated” reviews that are positive. That said… I have read a lot of reviews on Reddit/other forums which say that Bloomberg is not so good on the more complex topics. These reviews are also from 2015-2018, and the curriculum (and, I imagine, the technology) has changed since then.

Would be great to get some current feedback on Bloomberg to help me decide whether to add Bloomberg, or go with something more traditional such as Kaplan Schweser (although, not really sure what more they add to MM & CFAI if I can’t grasp a concept as the teaching method is very similar – videos, Qbank etc).

Thanks in advance!

Hey there! In case it’s useful, I also did CAIA between Levels 1 and 2 of CFA. If you’re interested, I can recommend Chalk & Board from experience. They really explain things in layman terms in my personal opinion. Cheers.

Thanks! That’s really useful and glad it wasn’t just me who decided to take a hiatus. I’ll check them out.

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Good luck, you got this! Cheers

I used BB for level 1 in 2019, and planned to use it for level 2 as well, until I had a discussion with our BB representative who recommended Kaplan instead. Just sayin.