Is CFA helpful in management consulting?

I have recently completed my CA in the first attempt from India. I am planning on taking up a job with the top management consulting firms. Would taking up CFA provide an edge over the other candidates? Also, would it help in the daily course of my jobwork?

People are probably going to tell you no, but I plan to do CFA and might do management consulting down the line. It certainly cant hurt, and can show your dedication, tenacity, and ability to work hard and be smart. I also think it can provide quality detailed insight into the accounting and finance elements of the companies in the consulting work

Thank! I share the same view.

What would be more helpful, a CFA or MSF? I am plannin on doing my MSF from top institutions in the US. I guess CFA would add to my application and icrease my chances of getting through.

if u plan to stay in consulting why not CFA + MBA? …try searching MSF and CFA on AF…i believe there are lot of threads on that

To be frank, CFA is not as useful on CV as before in at least UK and the US. I heard friends saying it is useful in Asia.

In western countries, getting a degree would be more helpful to people who have some interests in fund management and investment advisory.

As a former MBB consultant I can tell you it won’t be helpful. The consultants who will interview you for the job won’t likely know much about the CFA (espcially the partners) and even if they do its not really helpful for the interview process. Once you’ve passed the tough initial screening, you will be judged solely on interview performace, nothing else. On the job, its highly unlikely that the CFA will do much for you unless you do PE gigs and then jump over to IB or buy-side … but that’s a LONG stretch.

What is the best way for someone to prepare and become more qualified for management consulting then? I am about to finish my MBA and have a bachelor in finance and economics. What can I do to increase my value in consulting? Start my own consulting firm for experience?

I am not planning on staying in consulting for long. Would like to shift to financial research with some international organisation like WB, ADB etc. Any suggestions?

This aspiration of yours changes the total focus of this discussion. Having done assignments/projects for both WB and ADB (and IMF) I can tell you that 95% of assignments related to financial research and consultancy in related field goes to Masters or PhD in Economics, specially with thesis or work in international economics and financial modelling. If you have the CA you may get into some field project or assignment with the Masters in Eco (preferably from reputed institution like LSE ) to get an initial exposure as a foothold in either of these organisations. And if by chance due to your assignment you get the necesary exposure and practice in a specific country for some time and are considered as a country specialist/expert you will be among the top consultants (not necessarily part-time) / employee of such organisations (including IMF and UN). For better understanding of the requirements, if are serious about joining either of these, visit their websites (and see the respectve " careers at…" links) as there they have explicitly discussed what they prefer and how can you get an assignment with them.