Is CFA helps me

I am a arts graduate and mba marketing and working for a leading asset management co since 5 years as relationship manager retail sales, i am also CFP charterholder. Will CFA charter boost my career.

You need to give more information if you want a better opinion. We have no idea what you want to do, where you would like to be, what you are trying to achieve.

CFA charter would almost always boost your career. However the effort you put in might not be worthwhile depending what you want from it.

retail sales… bud fox cold calling style I’m guessing

CFA is help you.

Either your English is really poor or your attention to detail is even worse. I would work on those two skills before doing anything else. Why MBA with an emphasis in marketing? I can’t think of a more worthless degree for a finance track, unless you want to be a retail broker and even then it doesn’t matter if you even have a college degree. Just learn how to sell product to unsuspecting individual investors.

its not cold calling, my profile is to nurture assign channels like banks, nation distributors and agents. i have to give proper training to them for our AMC products(equity, debt and structured products etc) and mobilise business through them. meet their ultra hni clients and take maximum percentage of their portfolio to my products. i want to how how cfa charter help me to boost my carrer in respective field or any other area.

CFP is probably all you need.

CFA will just make you feel guilty about how you’re taking advantage of muppets.

I’m stealing this. I laughed outloud and spilled my drink. Damn it, bchadwick!

Annnnnd done.