Is CFA Institute right in not accepting fresh registrations from India and whats the remedy?

Recently, someone forwarded the following mail to me. Although I am not affected by this but my sympathies are with those who cannot appear for exams in India therefore posting this msg here… Is CFA Institute right in not accepting fresh registrations from India and whats the remedy? I hope most of you are aware that AICTE has disallowed CFA Institute to conduct exams in India. therefore now they are allowing candidates to take exams only outside India and that too only for those candidates who have registered earlier. Now i have two questions: 1. Is CFAI right in not accepting fresh registrations. 2. How can we convince CFAI to accept fresh registrations. Someone suggested all of us write a mail (text is posted at,976,1002#msg-1002) to CFA Institue so that they come under pressure and accept fresh registrations. Do you think that is a viable option? Please post your responses at,976,1002#msg-1002 Thanks in Advance Shweta

if CFAI feels that they cannot guarantee that the exam will take place it seems very reasonable to me not to accept registrations for now, more honest last year was such a nightmare for all Indian candidates, accepting the registration money now knowing that the same prob might happen again would appear to me as dishonest

The CFA is built on the integrity of the exam and the entire process. If they can’t gaurentee the integrity of India exam testing, then they have the write to do what they feel necessary to maintain integrity for the rest of us.

But is it that the CFAI failed on complying with the strictest of the TWO and knowing local laws, rules, regulations etc… Had they complied with local (Indian)laws etc, as is mentioned in their ETHICS, they would have averted this awkward situation.

The remedy is for the people of India to straighten out their gubmint.