Is CFA membership a money sink?

I was just told that it costs 275 bucks a year to be featured in the membership database online. Is that a sucker play? Should I just wait until I pass L3 in 2017?

Depends. You get a copy of FAJ every month, deals on networking events and some CFA magazine. Is it worth it? Dunno. Its just $275. Depends on your hurdle rate I guess.

pay the money, it’s like donating to church. The CFA gods could bestow favor on you one day

but they will never tell you what you score is)))…

i write it off on my taxes

Your church tells you your score?

I am long enough on this forum to remember the CFA vs. God debate, it was priceless)))

^Link, please? If it’s still available?

And @OP - I never gave CFAI any more money than I had to. Once you give them money, they are very reluctant to give it back.

And I wouldn’t pay them anything beyond test fees until after I knew I passed L3. IMHO, CFAI membership without the CFA charter is useless at best, and more likely a professional black eye. Do you really want to explain why you’ve been a member of CFAI for twelve years, but you’re still not a charterholder?

It is probably too old. Could not find it.

Actually, the cost is about 375 - 100 for the local country society))).

I personally did it because my alarm level re. the recognition of work experience started to do crazy things to my nervous system: as time flies by, people switch jobs, companies and at some point you end up chasing referees across the globe. So, yes, 375 is nothing against healthy nerves)))

No reason to be paying annual membership dues while you’re still just a candidate.