Is CFA right for me?

Hi, I have a masters in Electronics and currently working on my MBA(yet to decide the specialization). I am an IT professional for the past 15 years and I am planning to switch gears and jump in to non-IT job in the near future for a change. I happen to read about CFA certification exams and a jello plan came to my mind to complete the MBA in Finance and appear for CFA certifications within 2 to 3 years so that I can start looking for non-IT jobs. How practical do you think is my plan? I may not be willing to take up an entry level position; do you think my experience in programming & project management are going to fetch me a supervisory position in financial institutions after I complete MBA and CFA? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Entry level positions will pay more than you make now likely. if you view yourself above entry level IB or research, then you’ll be unlikely to get onto the street. We all start at the bottom, no matter the age, because you have to learn the industry before you move up. You may spend less time at the bottom than some people if you’re good and know your stuff, but short stints are still required

I’d say no, its not worth it for you. You would probably be better off staying in a cushy management role instead of a landing an entry level finance job in 3 years in which you’d be working like a dog and already have 18 years of full time work experience.

I don’t believe that you will be able to move straight into a mgmt/supervisor role straight away even with MBA/CFA because actual job experience counts far more than any academic qualification. Unless you are willing to become an Analyst and work your way up I would prob give it a miss

What’s wrong with IT though? Isn’ t Microsoft finally starting to show the world the brilliance of Bill Gates? Willy

We need IT people to fix our computers when we have problems.

Why do you want to do a switch esp so after 15yrs of exp?!?!

If you have to ask… the answer is always no