Is CFAI book's back questions enough to pass?

If I do every single question at the back of the books of CFAI, is that enough to pass? Or should I purchase one of Kaplan or Elan guides for more practice?

Also, am i too behind right now?

I have completed Ethics (just read, no memorizing), FIxed income and part of Quantitative methods - upto mean / median mode. Thats all.

What take should I take on my studying now? I mean, there are only 3 full months left. (Mar, apr and may).

Also, I can put about 6 - 7 hours into studying starting tomorrow.

You plan on studying 6-7 hours a day for 3 months?

If so, then you should be fine

Well… I don’t think any candidates have ever passed the exam just by “doing” the CFAI practice problems. The problems are there to help you learn the material. Just “doing” them doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s enough to pass come June, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. The key is really to learn the material and learn it well.

^ That said, if you solve the problems in the CFAI books as if you were taking the test, and you can answer most (70% minimum) of each section, you’re sufficiently prepared for the exam. The questions in some sections (ethics, econ, FRA stand out for me) are extremely similar to what you see on the exam.

Actually, I would say that if you can really do all the examples within the pages and the EOC questions, you should be very comfortable in passing

You should be fine. I quiestion though whether studying 6-7 hours a day for 3 months is realistic. You will get burned out and that might hurt the exam results.

It’s 2.5 months now.

Everybody is different obviously. But looking back when I was preparing for the exams, I think the 3 month mark is when I feel I start gaining momentum… Just my 0.02$

EOCs are not enough, and I think that’s a major weakness of the CFA program. CFAI should provide enough opportunities to practice and develop your skills w/o having to go to a 3rd party provider.

That said, if you want just practice problems, buy the Schweser Practice Exams vols 1 and 2.