Is CFAI questions worthwhile?

Like the topic, i am reviewing each chapter and wanna know whether CFAI questions after each chapter is worthy of time?

100% yes

The CFAI Q’s are equally weird or if not more more than lady gaga singing Poker Face.

She’s so hot. Though even hotter as a brunette.

SkipE99 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 100% yes Skip, have you done them for most reading? S

I have done most of the CFAI questions (only section left are Equity, Derivatives and Quant). They are more in-depth than the Schweser’s concept checker (but they also take longer to do on average) and give you a better feel of the exam questions. Some questions are pretty unrealistic though within the context of the exam. e.g. one question in Equity requires you to do a full regression analysis by hand. The two questions on Treynor Black model in PM are pretty difficult too.

I found everything tough except FSA. How was Corporate Finance section?

Corporate finance is one of the easier section. The CFAI questions on FI are pretty tough (relative to Schweser’s).

I think that the FRA questions were very helpful, and they didn’t take too long.

the early equity questions focus more on how to prepare a research report, opposed to covering the los - i guess that’s why schweser and stalla are so popular

solarpower03 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > SkipE99 Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > 100% yes > > > Skip, have you done them for most reading? > S You may find this helpful. I asked the Level 3 board a similar question. Remember these people have already passed…,935258