Is chief investment analyst in uranium mining company counted as acceptable experience for CFA

I received an invitation for interview from large uranium mining company. Job duties: - investment analysis of projects; - preparation of materials for investors, incl. memorandum and etc; - relationship with investors. I think pay will not be very decent but I am quite sure that i will work no more than 8 hours 5 day per week so I will be ok with my CFA preparation. I am just curious whether experience is acceptable for CFA Institute. Please share your thoughts…

“investment analysis of projects” Yes, I would just make it clear when interviewing you need to spend 50% of your time on these projects.

i think it is, because in the book confessions of a wall street analyst by dan reingold, he was a charter holder when he was in IR.

thank you for your suggestions. I think too

I’m the CFO of a small uranium company. Job description sounds like it would qualify for CFA experience if the investment analysis part of the job is significant. If it is more focused on IR i’m not sure it would qualify. If it is a uranium company with a lot of cash they are probably looking pretty aggressively at taking out some of the small companies that are on their knees at the moment, or entering into JVs with them. If you can get involved in the M&A work that would be good experience and pretty interesting work. Is it a Canadian company?

AF first if you buy his company dude. Good luck on the interview! Quick, name three weaknesses.

It is Russian based with some Canadian investors to enter in the big project for which I am offered. I am basically have three other alternative offers for financial controller, head of department in online entertainment firm and associate in PE fund. I in need to decide where to go.

I was there today, they are ok with me and I told them that I need to decide during two weeks. I clarified they are going to develop large uranium field with US$ 3 billions of equity and subsequent 3 billions of debt financing. So they need a person to prepare financial model to value the project and further to follow the project with potential investors and prepare prospectus and memorandums.

  • financial controller - head of department in online entertainment firm - associate in PE fund - chief investment analysis Spot the odd one out

Currently the financial controller and chief investment analyst are the most probable where the only interview with CEO remains. For me ranking: Associate in PE fund; because I need relevant experience financial controller; chief investment analyst; head of reporting department; But for financial controller the experience probably will not count. So I will be in need for 1-4 years of relevant experience. Although the positions is most interesting. Associate in PE fund is least probable. Head of reporting department is without further career perspective to me. And I hate doing financial statements.

I also think that associate at PE fund would be the most desirable of all of them and the head of reporting is the most boring one. By the way are you Russian?

yes, I am Ukraine/Russia

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