Is credit risk a finanial risk?

The title says it all.

Yes - if you are a sports fan, remember the market risks as MCL (the knee ligament) as financial risks (Market, Credit, Liquidity) and sovereign can be both financial and non-financial

@Doppleganger, that’s a clever way to remember the financial risks. Thanks for that.

As someone who has had three ACL replacements and a total knee replacement, that’s one I’d remember.

If, of course, I had to.


First two ACLs were torn in Tae Kwon Do.

Third was associated with horseriding: I was getting on a horse, slipped on the gravel and tore it.

The knee replacement came from running with my dog: torn ACL and meniscus. Too much wear/damage to repair.

Oh, well.

The new knee’s doing great. I’ll take the new puppy out running now that CFA season’s over.

You can think of nonfinancial risks as ALMOST P







Political (Sovereign)