Is Eminem Gay?


Did you watch The Interview recently?

No, but a guy at work showed me the clip to try to pass it off as authentic. I don’t follow his fake rap, but this would be the greatest irony ever if it were true.

it was a funny scene from the movie.

Fake rap? Dr. Dre would throw you down a flight of stairs for that comment.

Dr. Dre’s dead. He’s locked in my basement.


What’s up with Bruce Jenner? Is that what happens to you when you hang out with the Kardashians for too long?

Eminem is one of the greats. How can you possibly say it’s fake?

I’m now worried about Frankie.

His coked up voice just irritates me.

I’m sure this Kim that he sings about is merely a beard!

I have no clue why you two are being so somber… Jenner is a fantastic role model!! So so brave and s(he) should be applauded for being her trueself!!!

Do you mean his voice in general or his older stuff when Dr. Dre made him scream/screech? Also, he is a pain killer kind of guy ha ha

How did Dre make him scream?

^ Pliers.