Is ethic any different from level 1 and 2?

When I read ethic, I found it pretty much the same as level 1 and 2, and I guess we will have multiple choices on it and no thesis. Your thoughts?

My only thought is that it is now spelled “Ethics.” I believe the added the “S” recently.

The core reading for all 3 levels come from the same book.

I did see someting related to manager ethics that I didn’t see in Level II. However, it didn’t look any different from regular ethics, so I don’t know what the benefit of studying that section would be.

Yeah, there is definitely an extra section on L3… was it called Asset Manager Standards? I believe that Schweser 2007 hardly covered the topic at all, and I was rather shocked to see it in the exam. Thankfully, alot of it was guessable through commonsense!!! It was in the multiple choice section, thank goodness.

Will there be an essay question for ethics? I doubt I could bs an easay as easily as I did LII MC.

Is ethics in LIII ever in the essay section? Or is it always in the multiple choice section?

There is nothing stated in the CFAI notes that Ethics can or cannot be in the essay section, so best not to assume anything. Last year it was only in the MC section, but assume there is no trend.

Highly likely that it wont be in essay format. Gonna be very much like what we did on L2

It’s about the same as level II and I. I wouldn’t spend too much time there.