Is everyone going to start the test with ethics?

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everything in order as given. The possibility of bubbling in answers out of order would drive any OCD I have through the roof.

I always scan the paper and mark out the vignettes to area and start with stronger and more math driven vignettes first - where I generally spend more time than target 18/vignetter. I do ethics as vignette 8 or 9 since I spend less time on it than 18 (probably around 10) and that helps me keep the last 30 mins for the last 2 vignettes which are not my strongest and I might have to guess.

Yepp, love ethics!

nope! that’ll be last

Awlays in order!

do last

I do it first because I feel like you gain time on those questions, any topic that I feel I can do faster then 18 mins I do first