Is everyone hitting the books hard right now?

… I feel like I’m the only one who isn’t surprise

Is anyone else casually reviewing their notes?

I’ve been at work all week so i’m with you. Frankly, I actually think it’s better to flip notes, review past exams and read ethics in the final week anyway. There’s not much you can actually retain at this point and when you’re off you feel a ton of pressure to study 12 hrs a day. With 5 days or less to go you either got it or do don’t for the L2/

Pretty burnt out to be honest.

Going over videos, browsing the forum.

Going over some sections once in a while from the books

Its less about retention and more about drilling practice questions/making the mistakes now as opposed to on test day. But I guess if you’ve done every mock you can get your hands on, and there is no more material to practice then whatever.

light studying is the way to go, starting now.

do ethics, and corporate governance, some economics, types of hedge funds… these are the lighter topics that are on the “either you know it or you dont” basis.

and lastly, recap formulas on the night and day or exam.

develop some level of association with the concepts…

I ink I’m probably prepared enough as it is right now to go write the test, but i’m still putting every bit of free time I have towards studying. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I coasted into test day and failed band 10 or something. SO for another 2.5 days it’s balls to the wall.

I’m almost out of gas as well. Just doing note cards - I’ll bang out some ethics cases tonight and then start to chill until Saturday.

I haven’t looked at any ethics aside from mock questions.

CFACPACFP, how easy do you find the FRA material since you’ve gone through the CPA exams?

This is the mentality I take as well. Worth it to suck it up for a day or 2.


nostalgia. :slight_smile: