is everyone sticking with their schedules?

I feel like a chicken with his head cut off with respect to sticking to a schedule. I say i’m going to do four hours of pwm, and then half an hour in i’m reading something completely different. are you guys sticking to your schedules in terms of what you want to cover in a given day? also, are your schedules time-driven (3 hours of this, then 2 hours of that) or subject or task-driven? i’m trying to put together a schedule but i’m finding it fruitless…

Finished my review of all study sessions around 12 today. In order to get through my review, I said I had to do at a minimum 60 Qbank questions, and then try to get both schweser and CFAI EOC done. Still have some CFAI EOC I skipped, but going to go back and finish them up. My schedule from here on out will likely be all over the place. But I think it will follow something like the following 1. Test 2. Review Test 3. Review Weak areas (Qbank, CFAI EOC, reading, whatever) 4. Repeat

pretty much. 6 hours today on SS i haven’t tested as much on. 2006 exam and CFAI sample 2 tomorrow 2007 exam and CFAI mock next weekend 2008 exam on Wednesday before exam CFAI sample 3 on Thursday before exam if i’m not ready after that, preparedness won’t be the reason i fail. my qbank score has gone up quite a bit in the last week, so essays are going to be my focus from now on out.

HI KR, When you look at past exams, do you attempt them under exam conditions or review the questions and answers at the same time ?

I like the qbank rule and the cfai eoc/schweser questions rule before moving on to the next thing. i think i’m going to do that going forward. i haven’t written any exams yet, but writing schweser exams from book 1 tomorrow and next sat/sun, and then the cfai mocks and samples wedged in during the next two weeks.

VERY behind on my schedule.

me too, i’m too scared to go to bed.

cfa09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > HI KR, > > When you look at past exams, do you attempt them > under exam conditions or review the questions and > answers at the same time ? Personally, I do them one question at a time and work through them. It usually takes me about 5 hours to do a morning session practice test. I do try to do the question in the listed time though.

I think regardless of if you do one question at a time, or wait until at the end, it is critical to go through the exam carefully and make sure you’ve fully learned everything you can from it. quickly tallying up your score and moving onto the next exam doesn’t really provide any material benefit imo. i prior post that really stuck with me (the one where people who failed more than once gave tips) was that the person regretted spending so much time trying to cram in as many exams/qbank/questions as they could without spending time on the actual material, looking for relationships, etc. I’m really focusing on this, and I think it will pay off. even when i go through qbank, i reread the ones i got right and also go back into the los to read and make sure i’ve got not only that concept but the ones around it as well. last year i bombed most practice exams and the cfa samples, but spent a huge amount of time combing over the questions and answers, and i think this was largely why i squeaked through to level 3.