Is finance going to become automated?

So I’ve been reading articles and seeing job postings that are related to machine learning in finance and basically automating certain tasks.

I’m not actually in finance (I’m trying to enter) so I don’t know the magnitude of all this or if it’s even a legitimate concern in the finance world. which is why I’m asking the forum if this is all a thing or if I’m just worrying for no reason.

I have a bachelor’s in economics and an associate’s in accounting. should I try to learn some coding or something? I’m in the bay area of California so everything here is all tech. I’m worried the field I’ve basically built myself for will be automated away and I want to be prepared for that.

From my relatively short experience within risk management: finance is getting automated at increasing speed. At my last job parts of our processes became automated and at my current job (credit risk) they’ve started automating micro cap credit risk analysis. It’s going to be years before mid and large cap credit risk will become automated because it’s so multidimensional so that you’d actually need a pretty sophisticated AI program (that can read financial statement notes) to do it but eventually my job will be done by a robot as well.

Should’ve become a plumber.

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well that’s depressing. what about your current position? are they bringing in robots for that too?