is FinQuiz any good?

i would appreciate thoughts on this from people who have tried their material… thanks!

i did find this:,1229000 which may also be useful for others looking into FinQuiz

I found it pretty useless…the mock exams are WAAAYYYY too hard and long it was a waste of my money and time

thanks torontoanalyst, did you think their study notes, chapter summaries, and test-bank were equally useless?

they do not offer study notes. exams are more difficult than is the norm - but remember most CFAI institute exams also have their share of left field questions - which you might see on exam day - so you are better prepared. Their test bank does have more relevant questions than qbank does - esp for level 2. Their english on the questions is a little bit unclear at times - but I believe there is enough feed back on that front to allow them to change this aspect.

Very dated and useless! Don’t waste your time

Dear Penny Wenny , I do not know about others opinion . I am using finquiz and I feel the material is really worth .I am using there study material and practice questions. Most of my concepts have become clear . I dont know if others agree with me or not but .u can download the sample note from there website and see .

Dear Friends, I also agree with drask_143. Though I am not over enthused, but found that the tests are pretty decent and cleared couple of my concepts. I dont use any material other than stalla videos/CFAI books to read so dont know about their other products. But their practise problems pretty decent. Hope this helps.