Is FinQuiz Enough?

Hi guys,

I, like a few others, failed level 2 in June (pretty spectacularly as well!) I used the Schweser notes but don’t think they were really up to scratch for me. Did anyone use the Finquiz material for level 2 and pass, and would you recommend using this instead?

I have bought the Finquiz material, but am also contemplating getting 7City (now Fitch Learning I think) as well. I really don’t mind forking money out, it’s painful but I just want to pass level 2 the second time round and not waste another year!

Thanks for any input smiley

Try Elan. Their notes and videos are very good. I used Elan notes, select Elan videos(due to lack of time) CFAI chapter summaries, CFAI EOC (twice),select BB examples, CFAI and Elan mock exams. Passed.

I relied heavily on Finquiz q-bank and Schweser videos for L2… watch a video then dril dril dril problems was the order of the day.

I selectively used finquiz notes (70%+) may be and found it reasonable. Good example is Quant - I couldn’t stand or retain CFAI text material for Quant and this helped summarizing/reviewing.

Although I have to say it was higly complemented by 2-3 rounds of text reviews, CFAI text …esp for blue box n EOC. Drilled lot of Finquiz Qbank…and solved may be 8-10 practise tests…schweser, CFAI and finquiz (difficult n loaded with errors)

So it works but make sure you know your stuff well and practise alot.