Is FXI shortable?

Didn’t bother to do a search to see if this topic’s already been discussed, but has anyone tried to short FXI? I’ve put in an order 6 days in a row and my online broker keeps displaying a “searching for borrow” message with no execution. I asked them wtf that means and they said their system’s searching accounts to borrow from. I find it hard to believe they can’t find 100 measly shares to lend and I suspect that they really just don’t want to put up the margin for my tiny little account. I sucked it up and bought some puts instead but they are not cheap from an implied vol standpoint. I also looked into buying FXP (ultrashort version of FXI) but I looked at the chart and this piece of crap is actually DOWN 50% over the past year while China has tanked 60%. I did the math and that tracking error amounts to 17,000 bps. No thanks.

Yes, I shorted it sometime last year by Interactive Brokers. Not sure about now.

I just did some minor rebalancing on my portfolio. Sold some FXI calls that quadrupled last two days and bought a put spread. Looking to buy some TIPS-related securities for my retirement account, not sure whether to buy a closed end fund, mutual fund, or go direct. Suggestions?




My “and?” wasn’t asking for more suggestions, it was a sarcastic comment to a recommendation that I already dismissed in my original post.