Is green poop good?

Apparently the food coloring in Burger King’s Halloween Whopper turns your poop green. I’m getting one tomorrow, if only for this reason.

Pics or it didn’t happen

Google is your friend. Or not in this case. Lots of pics of black whoppers alongside green poop on twitter.

For a Canada goose, yes.

when i moved to china it was for a month

clean wipe. legit

Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries will do that.

Yes, I still eat kids cereal.

Just eat some beets

Ha ha. I had Crunchberries for the first time in years a month or two back. For some reason I couldn’t stop and ate a whole bunch. Got a little disturbed the next day on the toilet, wondering if I should go to the doctor. Fortunately, it went back to normal the next day.

Oxy kids

Mad Respect. Apple Jacks is my morning poison.

Nothing like a bowl of diabetes for breakfast.

So I ate one, but haven’t pooped since.

My wife confirmed the rumor, but she wouldn’t let me verify. Women.

Had no idea…


the rumor is confirmed.

Mods, Can i post a pic to prove it?