Is it a good idea for a undergraduate to take CFA?

Hi,im currently in my 3rd year of economics undergrad program(total duration 4years of my undergrad program),and i am planing to take CFA level 1 during my final semester at my final year which is in 2014.

my question is

  1. is it a wise decison to to pursue CFA level 1 while im stil in school?

2)is true that level 1 is difficult.and only a few passed the exam.

3)does it really matter if i have level 1 cfa? and even if i put it in my resume,does it really matters?

4)currently im broke,i could not afford any classes.if just study using the textbooks and the notes,is it actually enough.

  1. can a employer tell a difference if a CFA holder and with a MBA holder?

6)even you get a below 3.00 CGPA but you have CFA level 1( and you work your way up),does the employer even cares

Im willing to work for ,i did a research about it,and i need help…sorry for asking too much question…




Something about this strikes me as trollish. Nonetheless, here’s my opinion:

  1. No. Wait until you’re done.
  2. Yes. Look up the official stats. I thought you said you did research.
  3. No and no.
  4. Yes. That’s what I did. I think that’s what most people do.
  5. Ummm…yes. He can tell by what you put on your resume. If you put CFA, he’ll assume you’re a Charterholder. If you put MBA, he’ll assume you have an MBA.
  6. Probably not. I would say for your first job, GPA is more important than CFA Level 1.

I thought about CFA while I was in school. However, I concluded that it would be better to spend that time on more university classes. You have many years to take the CFA exams. However, you only have one more year to do whatever you haven’t done in college.

Yes, and furthermore, your GPA is likely to follow you around a lot longer than the question of what year did you finish the CFA program. Don’t let studying for the CFA sap your senior year GPA.

If money is an issue, then no.

I agree …

College is expensive and a considerable investment, make the most out of it. Whether it’s double/triple majors, getting a 4.0 GPA, making more friends (prob most important), proper job/internship hunting, or shmoozing with alumni/professors/upper classmen, don’t waste time on something you should be getting later.