Is it a good idea to apply for two positions in the same bank?

One is risk analyst(RA), the other is business analyst (BA)-credit risk. Their responsibilities have some overlaps; both require a university degree in a quantitative area. I am just wondering if it is a good idea to apply for both? I don’t know if the recruiting people of the bank like it or not…any suggestions? Thanks.

i would say no, but that is just me. it could send a “im not that focused” message. i could be wrong though

I wouldn’t. Apply to the position you’re more interested in first. If you don’t hear anything back after 2 weeks, apply to the other position.

If it’s a small firm, then it may not be a good idea. If it’s a large firm then it is a good idea.

yeah I agree with the man in green

I got to say no. Even a large firm may have the same HR person reading resume and cover letter. I try to sell my enthusiasm for the position. You can’t write two impassioned cover letters.