Is it August 18th?

When will CFA announce L2 results? Is it August 18th ? Any links to the results date? Thanks in advance.

Are you serious or is this a joke? I hope it is the latter!

You don’t know already…yikes. If you pass, they tell you in a week. Sorry dude.

jsjrcomcast is right, it sucks, but what can you do?

August 18th is correct. For similar questions in the future, please refer to the following link:,898065,page=1

Level I results will be available on 28 July, and results for Level II and Level III will be available on 18 August. After the exam, we will contact you with additional information, including the web address you can use to access your results. Please note that you will need your username and password. Source : CFA Candidate Newsletter

I got mine already via e-mail. Just write to them with a sob story and they will give you an early result.