Is it cocky/bad karma to...

Order a wall frame for my charter… lol

I feel pretty good about my chances of passing (definitely not 100% because you never know)… I walked into the exam feeling confident because of my high mock/past exam scores (in the mid 80’s). Walked out a little shaken but still somewhat confident. Was hoping to walk out of there with a better feeling, but it is what it is.

I so want this ordeal to be over that I am in the process of getting my references and experience together to apply for the charter as soon as, god willing, I get my pass email. I am hoping to get ahead of the lineup and get my application processed sooner than later. I will get an “official” frame from (with the custom embossed new CFAI logo on the mat).

Anyways, I can’t stop thinking about the exam and feel like I need to be doing something with my time… The void left by my lack of studying is driving me nuts…

Overconfidence bias much?

go for it

Nah … I would do the same, unfortunately I’m gonna need more work experience before I can get the charter. I got my BA and MSc framed with no expense spared, cuz they’re once in a lifetime things just like this CFA.

Where’d you find out about this “framing success official charter frames”? The frames are custom made to fit the charter’s dimensions? They’re officially endorsed by CFAI? Can you get that ultraclear anti-reflective glass? And finally, do they frame it or send you the materials to frame yourself?

Go for it.

Hehe - I think CFAI has negotiated a “group” rate for the charter framing. I guess that would be considered an endorsement?

I am not sure if you have to put it together on receipt or if it arrives fully assembled. good question! It is the exact size for 17x22 certificate, however. There are 4 options for type of glass (conservation glass and whether you want non-glare or not). You definitely have to put the certificate in the frame yourself, however.

Go for it.

Worst case, you will use it the next year (or the year after that. Or put it up on eBay with a sob story for a better price.)

I don’t understand why you would buy a frame at this point. Unless you know of a once-in-a-lifetime sale on CFA charter frames, there is absolutely no benefit.

Edit: Also, that frame is 28x23 inches? Holy shit.

Wouldn’t it be funny if you ordered the frame and passed, but then you got the certificate and they changed the size?

lol… Yes it’s a pretty huge frame - it’s the largest size that framing success offers for a frame… I think I will need a bigger office…

You’re right, there is no real value to ordering it now (although there is a 3-week processing time before it’s shipped out). That being said, I’m not sure how long it takes to get the charter after applying for it… Just feeling the need to do concurrent activity.

Do people still frame these?

Why? You wouldn’t? You can bet your arse I’ll be framing mine and displaying it prominently in my office… Too much work to leave the proof in a closet…

I would except for the fact that others in my office dont. So I’d feel out of place. I might hang it over my bed though

Peer pressure much Andy? smiley

Whats the next step now? what are the things to do get the charter - assuming passing level 3?

Prove your 4 years experience and provide 2 or 3 references (2 if one of your references is a charterholder in your society and has known you for 2+ years)… I think. Also, agree to abide by the Code & Standards - as you can imagine :slight_smile:

Even when you find out that you passed in late August, you won’t get your charter until closer to the end of the year. So you still have plenty of time post-confirm to invest in some fine mahogany.

Oh, and sometimes you can get a second charter from your local society if they have an awards ceremony. So I have finely framed copies at both my work and home office. I see them both every time I look up from my computer.

Awesome, thanks - good to know. Buddy of mine passed Level 3 last year and was officially awarded the charter on September 14th, little over a month after the results. I’m assuming you mean the actual piece of paper showing up?

Yes, I mean the enormous sheet of paper.

A guy that works on my floor walked out of 2011-L3 feeling like he owned the world. He passed L1 & L2 on his first try (Dec 09, Jun 10). He thought the exam was reasonable and had one hour left over in both sessions. He was also scoring super high on his mocks. Honestly, he’s a standup guy but was definitely acting a little cocky. He failed band 5 that year and retook/passed in 2012. He was much more humble about the exam the 2nd time around.

Another guy at my company had become famous for failing L2 4 times and passing on his 5th try. He took L3 in 2010 and I remember he was sweating it as soon as he left the test center. He ran out of time in the morning and didn’t finish one whole problem and only half of another. He (along with everyone else) assumed he failed but he ended up passing.