is it common?

I am only giving half energy for L2 studying as compared to L1 preparation. I just can’t get myself to exert more efforts. Is it common? Is it a sign for eventual doom?

same here, but i think its because i started a lot earlier than l1 so compared to last year im well ahead.

I started somewhere around mid Jan and the first pass took ages to complete. Second time round I just did the EOCs and right now I’m also struggling to put everything into it, its the fatigue factor I think. What’s more disturbing is I can barely retain anything…is THAT normal?

Nobody is retaining anything compared to level 1. The last month is key, so just give it everything this month.

same here… noooo retention started in mid feb this is my third pass lol …when i get back to any topic what is this… have i done it :P…past three days i was just only thinking y soo much effort?? coz i cant c any results…but after seeing here ppl are almost in the same boat… but thats for sure i way much prepared this time around for level 1… had change to change sum strategies hit the ques hard … then will c … watcing vdoz trying to recall things… Good LUCK Tooo ALL

im takin the long week off pretty much, just casually flicking through notes and answering anything i can on here to retain bits as soon as i had been through the material (1 run through schweser, then cfai eoc’s, re-read a few topics) i knocked out a practice paper which was massively more useful than reading notes again and again and pointed out bits i couldn’t remember v well and intend to spend some time on later this month. just relax a bit!

my attention span is only 10-30 min :-/

Same, it’s the material, I have no attention span and just am losing my drive. My drive to stay alive.

Side Note: I’m not actually suicidal, I just added that last sentence because it rhymed and I thought it was catchy within the context of staying competitive relative to others.

Ahh! So, I’m not the only person with a weak attention span towards L-2… It’s all happening because of the vast syllabus, the nitty gritty to details needed and a sense of over confidence that passing L-1 gave me.

thank God man, i started losing confidence in myself coz im in the same boat - zero drive. but like someone said the last month is key and with 35 days to go we cant fall off.

I am in the same exact boat… I really can’t focus much longer. FRA was my killer. After studying SS 21 for 3 times and still not getting it, I drove my moral down to the ground… So many topics that I studied very well before and was very comfortable with, seem to be brand-new when I attempted to do the EoC questions after finishing round 1. Really really depressing. I think the problem is also somewhat related to overconfidence… Having aced Level 1, I think that psychologically assume that I over-studied last year and that I can get by doing less this year.

Ok guys, let us go back into the game. Now or never. :smiley: