Is it doable?

So is there enough time for preparing for CFA Level 1 in June 2012?

Yes. Especially if you have a decent background in Econ, math and accounting. If this curriculum is gonna be totally new to you then you better be unemployed or incredibly diligent. I went from zero to hero in three months having very little background, but I had a lot of free time. You don’t stand to lose much by trying on level 1. You can always take it again in December if you don’t pass. You only get one shot a year at level 2 and 3 so with those Id advise you to get a real head start and not rush it.

yes, especially if you buy study notes (eg schweser) instead of reading the CFA readings. The notes save time

It’s doable in a month, if you are going to lock yourself up in an empty apartment and study all day. It’s doable in 3+ if you can study at least 25-30 hrs a week. By study, I do mean study though. People with finance backgrounds have gotten by on much less, but at that point it’s far from a sure thing.