is it even possible ?

Hello all

i’m wondering if it is possible to work as an analyst and like have a succesful career in europe after having the CFA but without working in any bank ?

i dont want to have to do anything with banks , it is for religious purposes .

i really would like to have as many opinions as possible on this topic , and excuse my ignorance if my question seem really simple or stupid .

It is definitely possible. Working as a research analyst or in one of the major accountancy firms are options among many others.

Although the fact remains that banks normally pay the highest salaries.

I understand the context behind why you don’t want to work in a Bank but you must realize that most companies pay their employees salaries from the interest they earn on fixed deposits. So no one truly escapes it, although you shouldn’t let that change your mind.

Best of luck!

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you know that just might not be a bad idea. considering the bubbles which may blow up the entire global economy. (someone should totally write about how black swan events have increased in volume as well as magnitude in recent times) goat herding would be the way to go.

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If you work as an analyst in finance…no matter what you do…will you inevitably have something (even a little bit) to do with banks. Also, I’m sure the CFA institute has a bank account…where your fees and dues go…so you should probably not pursue the CFA…or you will have something to do with banks and will be going against your religion.

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I always felt that Islamic finance stuff was a shell game anyway. Interest is interest. Like the payday loan companies that change a $20/$100 fee. That’s interest boy. Doesn’t matter what you call it. If their God is all powerful and knowing, surely he can figure out that digusing interest as deferred profit and what not is not cool.

Not all investment banks are in the commercial bank business (lending). Maybe look for boutique firms

Couldn’t agree more with you geo. Islamic banks simply charge interest on mortgages and call it rent. It really is that simple however there is a very key difference.

With Islamic banks the Banks risk is significantly higher. Which I believe is much healthier for the economy, if not the solution.

Also I was wondering when this topic would become a debate b/w islamic and conventional banks. I guess that begins here.

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you do realize that you are feeding into racial stereotypes by flipping out and bashing someone on a message board because of a joke, right?

where do you want to be an analyst and who do you want to be an analyst for, and what is the definition of a successful career according to you… or your religion?

without understanding your parameters, i don’t think anyone can answer your question.