Is it just me or is Schwesers Prac Exams Vol. 2 a lot tougher then Vol. 1?

I’ve been doing the Vol. 1 practice exams and I’ve generally been getting scores in the 70-80% range. I started off with the Vol. 2 book today, figuring it would be more of the same, but it seems a LOT tougher then Vol. 1. Specifically, a much heavier emphasis on calculations, and a lot more obscure details then in Vol. 1. I mean, there is a question in Vol. 2 about “double-barreled bonds”, which I don’t remember ever seeing in the text material. I had to look it up on google! I’ve heard that the real exam is less computational and actually easier then the Schweser practice exams…is that true?

Hi Brafique, rumour has it you are correct. Although I have not taken a volume 1 or 2 Schweser, the consensus seems to be volume 2 is more difficult than volume 1 is more difficult than the actual exam. I have taken two CFAI sample exams (scored 67% on the first & 80% on the second two weeks later,so a bit of a mixed bag) One thing I would say to you is that 70-80 are nice scores to be getting with five weeks left until game day. Keep it up and best of luck. BTW I am taking the morning and afternoon papers on the first Schweser volume 1 exam tomorrow, so I’ll post my score on this thread… not feeling too confident yet!

seriously, don’t waste your time, use that volume 2 book as a coaster, thats the only thing it’s good for.

Real exam in Dec was a cakewalk compared to the practice exams. The practice exams are designed to be tougher and if used correctly will help you learn the material at the same time. Don’t focus on scores so much, if you can answer the question correctly and also know why the wrong answers are wrong, that’s much more important.

I took Schweser Vol 1, exam 1, morning paper today. I got through it is 2hrs 30mins and scored 77% overall. Nice score but unfortunately it masks the fact I was hammerred in ethics with 61%, and I also got 69% in asset valuation. I marked 33 questions as being particularly difficult. BTW, if you login on the Schweser site and input your scores, it compares them against everyone else who has input their scores. Good tool to track where you are relative to others. Also gives your performance per study session. I’ll be back in a few hours with the afternoon papers scores. For the moment I’m going to get a bit of lunch and watch some footie.

^ It’s funny you mention you got hammered in Ethics on Exam 1 AM…I found that Ethics section particularly difficult too…I got 71% on that section (87% overall). I did exam 2PM after that though, and got 90% on the Ethics section…so it’s kind of strange… Also, jlive - do you mean the actual exam is easier then the Vol. 1 exam or the Vol. 2 exam? The Vol. 1 exams don’t seem that difficult after you put in the work. Vol. 2 is another story though!