Is it just me, or was the CFAI Mock Exam very hard?

I just took the CFAI Mock exam and only got 66%, compared to 75% on the sample exam. I’m carefully going through the Q&A documents to see where I went wrong. I recall having time to spare on the sample exam even though I had to rush through the mock exam. Maybe the sample exam was too easy, or maybe the mock exam is unusually hard. I still need to do better in Ethics, where I only got to 67%. I need to take good notes on the questions that keep tripping me up. (There are certain questions that seem to keep popping up in Q-Bank, the CFAI text, the Ethics self-exam, etc.) I still need to do better in Quantitative, where I only got 50%. I’ve forgotten some of the time value of money operations, so I really need to brush up on those. And there’s still some stuff I didn’t learn that well. I got 83% in Economics. I’ll have to go through the Secret Sauce and (if I have time) go through some of the CFAI book questions. I only got 69% in FSA. I need to brush up on stuff and also get the hang of taxes and leases. I only got 65% in Corporate Finance. I think I forgot some formulas. I only got 17% in Derivatives. I really have a lot of work to do here. There were so many formulas I’ve forgotten. I definitely need to review them and go through a few problems.

Well you know what you need to work on, so just stick to it and really push for the last two weeks. You’re in good position, just keep at it.

I just finished as well. I found it pretty difficult. I did both the morning and afternoon sessions, and only got about 72% overall. Nearly identical scores in the morning and afternoon. That’s a sign of good test design! I ended up getting 91% in Econ. Got 100% in the afternoon session! Nuts! I also found the derivatives and alternative investment sections pretty tough. It may have been just a matter of endurance though. I was pretty hungover so my energy started running out by 3/4s of the way through each test :slight_smile: It’s nice to be able to target these last two weeks of prep on the most important areas. My section scores: Ethics - 63% Quant - 71% Econ - 91% FSA - 71% CF - 70% Equities - 71% Derivatives - 58% Fixed Income - 54% Alternative Investments 58% PM - 83%

I gave 6 Schweser Mocks and 1 CFAI mock. I actually found the CFAI one to be much easier compared to Schweser. But CFAI ethics is pretty tough. This was also the second time I broke the 80% barrier. CFA Sample Exam- 73% Schweser Mock (Average)-75% (2-2.5 hrs per session) CFAI Mock- 80.5% (1.5-2 hrs per session)

Wow Kh.asif… When did u stop reveiwing the notes and books and really doing the questions??

Ive done two mocks…got 77% on one (overall) and 73% on the other. On the Schweser Vol. 1 exams I usually get 80%+ so I found the mocks a tad harder as you can imagine. BTW, nbyz, I saw your post in the “What would you do if you fail the exam” thread and we’re in exactly the same spot…what’s your MSN, I thought we may be able to help each other out employment wise…

[Wow Kh.asif… When did u stop reveiwing the notes and books and really doing the questions??] i got tired of the books and started giving all the exams I could get my hands on.