Is it just me or...

So im just finishing up book 3 (Schweser), but when thinking back to what I’ve remembered in 1 and 2, it’s a big fat ZERO!!! I passed L1 first time, same situation, am I in the minority here or is everyone like me. Go through Schwere notes and qauestions first, then hammer through the material after and really bare down. Just curious what otehrs have to say

I’m kind of like that. One way I’ve found to mitigate this is. 1) tolerate confused looks from Joe-average on public transport by reading my Schweser memory card and, 2) start each study session by going over a problem/question from a previous section to keep it in my mind and it does sink in. I’m reading FI at moment but have been doing FSA, Quant. and Equity (which I’ve previously read) and have been pleasantly surprised with how much has stuck (I was expected next-to-nothing).

You’ll also probably find that you’ll begin to recall things better when you start revising for the exam closer to the exam day. At the moment you’re just reading the material…you’re not being forced to recall anything. I found the same. But when it came to revision, it became an exercise of practicing to recall the information. By that mean I got practice of knowing what they were asking for in the questions, knowing which information to recall and as a result be able to work the question out. You’ll get better at putting all the info into order when you start practicing questions. I’m not saying just do questions - certainly read all the material. But if you get a question wrong in your revision then it becomes easier to go back and understand the reasons why you got it wrong, and then you’ll know the next time you see a question. And the more you do that, the more you’ll remember.