Is it just me or...

Is L3 material just not that difficult to absorb? I am using Stalla books to study, so I am somewhat worried because I have gone through all the material once, and didnt find any study session overy difficult. There is still a lot of material to remember, and granted, I have not yet taken any exams, but I somehow feel a lot more comfortable than I did during Level 2. Does anybody share the same thoughts? Or, am I obviously missing something?


I think what you are missing is the ability to bring it all together at the exam. On the surface, the material is not difficult. But unlike L1 and 2, you are not going to have questions and entire items sets that just focus on one area, the questions will draw knowledge from several other areas at once. The material is also much more qualatative, therefore unlike calculation problems in L1 and 2, you need to remember a significant number of lists, etc. which under exam pressures can sometimes be challanging. Finally, the constructed response part of the test is challanging. Unlike multiple choice, the answer is not there, so if you are not sure, there is no answer in front of you to jog your memory, either you know it or you don’t. I was feeling the same as you last year, thought the material was easy and ended up not committing the required time and effort to my studies, which is why I am here again this year :frowning: