Is it just me?

Is it just me or has the curriculum readings changed quite a bit this year? Seems like quite a lot of stuff has been added atleast for reading 15 and 16 in the CFAI texts… with all the tax formulas and some more additional stuff on estate planning… I don’t remember reading quite a few things being on the last year’s readings…or is it just that I must have totally skipped them?

the entire PM:taxes reading was added to L2 last year and moved to L3 this year (was not tested on the 2009 L2 exam)

How big is that section?

Its not “too” big…just kinda boring read… bunch of tax formulas and explainations all over the place…and I hate taxes…so for me, it was basically counting the pages until I got done with it…the estate planning was a much more “fun” read…

“Fun” and any talk about studying for the CFA do not match. Unless you mean “fun” after getting a raise and spending your money on hookers and blow.

Is having fun not a violation of your responsibility as a CFA candidate?

It’s sad to say that I could barely remember anything of the taxes crapola from the exam this year when I was going through Reading 15 the other day.

Hence the quotes…the fun part will arrive when I see the PASS on my screen and I can have a huge bonfire witht he books that night…

Studying for Level III was fun.