is it just me..

or is international asset pricing in PM the HARDEST subj by far… my mind is going INSANE AND BANAANAS

easy stuff! it’s just you. damn chapter 21…has taken about 3-4months to finally click.

I havn’t studied that as yet. Going to touch PM from today. Ha!

no tht was quite an interesting chapter. Im surprised aftr going thru derivatives u found tht hard

deriv was pretty easy for me// guess im just abnorm

It was kind of a pain…

I’m not alone… This chapter does take A LOT OF TIME to click and to get the formulas right. One tip from the chapter Real changes in exchange rate are changes not explained by inflation. this implies Real Exchange rate change = Change in Exchange rate - Change in Inflation

Yeah it was kinda heavy, a bit interesting too.

Its not hard if you read it right after Economics. IMO, the hardest stuff in the curriculum so far has been Swaps

Agreed. I will not be solving any problems in swaps or swaptions , thereby saving time to study everything else.

Currently doing the EOCs for Reading 66. I haven’t seen some of these items discussed in the Stalla guides.