Since i’ve not heard anyone feel confident about passing, is it luck that will see us through now? Anyone who disagree, please disagree prior to results and claim your hardwork will pay off tomorrow and not your guesswork.

I dont think it’s luck. I’m not confident, but only due to ethics. Never got < 89% on ethics for any sample/mock but I foolishly fell for their tricks on the real one, so if I fail it’ll be due to that. If not, it was all the hard work paying off!

People who work hard and study in a focused fashion seem to be luckier, in general…

Hey Pepp… hope you’ve had a good 8 weeks waiting. I’ve gone from feeling confident of passing from immediately after the test to sh-ting bricks at the moment. Think I’ll sleep as poorly tonight as I did before the exam!

There is no pass by luck with this exam, that’s why only 40% pass it. Even those who study hard for it get caught in nasty questions.

i will need luck, i felt good about all section except some econ and most of quant. I studied quant the least and the AM session killed me. PM ethics was brutal too. if I got the guesses right on this exam, i have a chance. that is about as honest as i can get. we will see tomorrow – BEST OF LUCK TO ALL ON THIS BOARD!!!