Is it me, or is Rachel Nichols looking better on CBS than on ESPN?

She’s got a purty smile. Like the girl not even next door type of thing. Redhair is cool though.

I prefer Sofia Vergara.

I like Sofia Vergara’s costar Sarah Hyland too.

Modern Family - What a great show.

Hard to believe Sofia is pregnant 20 years after giving birth to her first child. I wonder how her body will react this time around post pregnancy, she ain’t 20 anymore. Time to short?

What the heck… this is about reasonably obscure women/actor/journalists…

So what you think about the brunette from the Walking Dead? Sarah Wayne Callies?

And Rachel Nichols was just on again. She looks worn out.

rachel gets around when she’s on assignment. i’ve seen her out late night looking for HBI many times.

I like Courtney Reagan…