Is it me, or.........

It seems like the CFAI textbooks don’t have alot of end of chapter practice questions. I guess the Schweser QBank will come in handy.

Get your hands on as many practice exams as you can as well. This is a totally different animal from the first two levels. I’ve been through the readings once already (Schweser) and there’s not a whole lot of quantitative stuff going on. Some of it’s pretty interesting, but some of it is extremely dry. Alot of the questions are very subjective.

It’s strange that there is almost nothing quantitative on the test. In a way I like what CFAI is doing with each of the levels by shifting from MC quant based q’s for L1 to a written “holistic” approach for L3. It makes it tricky, but it weeds out people who can only crunch numbers but can’t synthesize “bigger picture” concepts.

These CFAI questions are supposed to be really important, but there’s so few of them. That’s one of the reasons I’m going back to Schweser. I like doing questions immediately after a topic. In the CFAI texts, you have to go through too many LOS’s between review questions.

get the past exam papers from 2001-2007 … they are invaluable…

the example questions and answers that are embedded in the readings are also very much what is like on the exam. Compare example 3 in CFAI reading #42 to essay question #2 of the 2007 L3 exam.

Where do you get these past exams? Are these the ones posted on CFAI site?


Which book and what page are you referring to?

hmmm i guess i am a little bit behind. almost done with book #2 CFAI reading :slight_smile:

Hey CSK, you know not everything goes in order like us :). I’m planning on a SS per week and that should easily leave me with 4-5 weeks before the exam for review. I just finished the readings for SS4 tonight, so I’ll do CFAI problems and Stalla book problems for the rest of the week. That’s how I roll.

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