Is it necessary to buy Schweser materials?

Thinking of doing FRM Level 1 in November and am wondering if it is necessary to purchase the Schweser materials. I am thinking it is another $399 and maybe the FRM books suffice.

I read from another poster that the FRM books are already quite condensed so maybe there is no need for other books. However, I would not have any mocks to practice. Do the FRM books contain a lot of practice questions?

Any input would be very much appreciated

It’s not necessary.

FRM books hardly contain any practice questions. If I recall correctly, there is 6 at the end of each chapter and maybe 10 at the end of the book. I’ll have to double check to cofirm that.

I used Schweser. While, as s2000 said, it is not necessary to have, I used it and am glad I had.

Schweser practice questions were far easier than what the exam questions were like. Many people give good reveiws of Bionic Turtle. So maybe a good idea to look into that. I will likely do the same for P2.

Also, you have to purchase GARP books separately, so maybe don’t purchase GARP books and purchase 3rd party books instead.

Best of luck.