is it ok to ignore the L1 ethics readings from the L2 ethics

Can we just start from the soft dollars reading and only in the final revision before the exam read the L1 stuff which is repeated in the L2 ethics???

I think not - I’ve heard that L2 goes into more depth and has more nuances than L1. (Full disclosure: I just started studying, starting with ethics and haven’t noticed much more detail so far…)

I think the detail is all the same, but application is quite different… The question format is different, so if you want to ignore reading it and dive straight into the vignette question format then its fine…

But I would atleast read the different scenarious once again for sure…

I fucked up the ethics last year. Don’t commit the same error.

you can skip the reading BUT must do the EOCs for the part of ethics that is identical across L1,2,3

Ethics material is the exact same across all levels. The questions will get harder at Levels 2 and 3, because of the vignette format.

Can you skip ethics and start with soft dollars? I guess–it’s the same ethics material that you’ve seen before. But I wouldn’t recommend it.