Is it OK to use 2011 schweser material to prepare for 2012 Nov exam?

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No I don’t think so. Do Schweser + Bionic Turtle slides + FRM Handbook old paper questions + Schweser Q bank. Then you will be in a good shape to take the exam.

There is generally a 20-25% change in the FRM syllabus year-on-year to incorporate the latest happenings and other changes. You can refer to the study guide for the changes and whatever topics have not changed, are ok to study from the old material.

You can get the detailed changes from 2011 to 2012 here

thanks man! does it make a difference if i have completed all three levels of CFA? i only used schweser material to prepare for all three levels of CFA though.

thanks Fermion! that’s a really useful guidance u provided there. just to confirm, from the pdf that u attached, it says there’s no new readings for part I, which should mean i am safe to use old material (2011 schweser) to prepare for the 2012 part I exam?

yah man, i think what people said on the above thread just echoed your views. i think i’ll have to take that seriously.

one question though, is the inadequacy found in the schweser package only applicable to part I? or also part II?

I have not checked the full document… but you need to also check under the heads of “Deleted Readings” and “Updated Readings”.

I do believe there would be enteries there for Part 1

The inadequacy that people experienced in Schweser is primarily due to the fact that the FRM syllabus is HUGE in terms of readings and is very indepth. Schweser is itself new to FRM notes and is trying to improve from what I have noticed in the last few years.

I would suggest going for BT membership where you would have access to videos, practice questions and the active forum. There are also BT free videos available on youtube. Core Reading are pretty detailed and you might want to refer to them for certain specific topics. eg: Bonds is done from Tuckman which is an entirely different style from Fabozzi (CFA).

Since you have already cleared CFA 3 levels, most of Part1 would be very familiar to you. In addition, you can go in for Schweser question bank and practice papers from GARP, Schweser and BT.

Handbook questions are pretty old and generally not very relevant but may be good for concept building.

many thanks once again fermion. i guess now i have a much better concept of what the exam requires me to do, what’s remaining is just the boring part to crunch through all the materials.