Is it okay to send multiple cover letters for multiple positions to the same firm?

I am applying to four project management positions at J.P. Morgan. I seem to meet all the requirements for each one but every job places an emphasis on different qualifications (for example, one places an emphasis on VBA and SQL while another doesn’t). I’d like to write a cover letter for each position to highlight my expertiese in that particular area, but I have heard before that some companies may take this to mean that you are simply writing whatever you need to in order to get hired. Thoughts? Opinions?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. You’ll have to tread a fine line if you do it.

Just don’t say “I’ve always wanted to be a star equity researcher in the TECHNOLOGY sector!!” on one, and then say “I’ve always dreamed of being a star equity researcher in the UTILITIES sector!” on the next one…

Or worse… tell the Utilities job that you want to do Technology, and the Technology job that you really want to do Utilities…

EDIT: I realized that you’re applying for tech jobs… so in this case, substitute Java for Technology, and SQL for Utilities.

I once saw a cover letter say “my top pick is bank of america”. it was attached to a morgan stanley job application.

^ That happens more often than you think. At least one out of every 50 cover letters.