is it point form or essay

i looked the the sample answers and was wondering if we can use point form instead of writing sentences/paragraphs/essays

from everything I’ve heard, point form is fine. You won’t get nailed for bad grammar or spelling mistakes, but make it all as easy as possible for the marker to follow. You can also use pencil over pen if you so desire. All that matters (again, from word of mouth) is that the answer they are looking for is in your response.

I didn’t know we are allowed to use a pencil. Is this a new rule?

Just going by what the guy in the Schweser kick off seminar said, plus I had a couple of friends who said they used pencil for their written response last year and they both passed so it must be OK…

anyone know if you have to write in the given box? i worry that i will use pen, have to scratch something out, and then run out of room.

I passed level 3 in 2007 using bullet points and pencil. Don’t worry about running out of room. You will be given more than enough room for each question. If by some chance you run out of space on your page, there are additional blank pages in the back of the booklet to continue your answers.