Is it possible to browse all the LOS question in Qbank in 6 days?

Full dedicated 6 days…like glued to your computer type of thing

mark my words, qbank is useless at this point now.

If you have no more mocks its not useless. Print out and complete a 60 page quiz only on your weakest subject and grade it with a red pen making notes when needed. Review it before you go to bed. I would try and do a few of these for a few weak subjects. I personally get more out of it this way rather than just staring at the computer monitor for hours.

Why is it useless?

My gut feeling is that the real exam is not likely to be “very difficult” but rather contain loads of basic questions with a “twist”. Ironically, people who are familiar with very difficult questions are more likely to miss the basic questions as they are less likely to see the “twist” in the question.

Solving more qbank questions help to improve understanding of each LOS, which to my knowledge is what CFAI focuses on.

do Q bank

actual CFA mock is of same level

here’s a personal experience.

1st mock i did about a month ago…i got a 60%…at the time i failed FI/Deriv. I spent a good few weeks doing every LOS in those two topics on the QBANK…browsed question by question from each LOS…obviously i’d try answer them before reading the solution and sometimes when i was confused i’d look it up in the book and read more. Did another Mock and managed to get high 80’s in both topic through the morning and afternoon session.

So I really think it depends on the person, some learn better reading others learn better by doing questions